Why do you need a diving insurance ?

Scuba diving is a sport that will undoubtedly make you travel all over the world, discovering new landscapes that you have never seen before! Even if the practice of this sport is safe, you are never safe from an accident. If a medical emergency occurs while practicing this activity while traveling, it is imperative to be properly insured.

Before leaving for your first diving trip, contact your travel insurance provider to check if you are well covered for the practice of this activity. Some insurers exclude scuba diving from traditional medical emergency cover (because it is considered an extreme sport) or apply very specific exclusions on the practice of the activity under certain conditions (for example night diving, on wrecks or under ice could be excluded).

If your current travel insurance does not cover scuba diving or has exclusions that restrict your needs, there are specialized insurers that will give you more flexibility in the practice of this activity. If you still do not have travel insurance, Voyage Aqua-mundo can advise you on purchasing your next dive and travel insurance coverage.

Travel insurance - Blue Cross

Whether it is for insurance coverage for emergency medical care, trip cancellation / interruption insurance or baggage insurance, Blue Cross is your partner for your next trip. Annual or short-term coverages are available to protect you.

For any questions regarding Blue Cross insurance coverage, contact us to make an appointment with one of our advisers.


Diving Insurance - DiveAssure

DiveAssure offers travel and dive insurance combinations that are tailored to the needs of divers. Annual or short-term coverages, covering only the duration of your trip, are available. Special covers are also available for lovers of diving cruises.

Watch this video to learn more about the relevance of diving insurance and the benefits of DiveAssure ​​insurance.

For more information or for assistance with your registration, come see us in store or contact us!

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